DI Radio’s Debut

On February 12th at 3PM EST, DemocracyInteractive will launch DI Radio on BlogTalkRadio.com. Our scheduled special guest is the outspoken peace and environmentalist activist, American statesman and former Salt Lake City mayor, Rocky Anderson

DI Radio is not traditional radio, but an internet radio broadcast that features conversations with public figures, writers, filmmakers , etc.– and YOU. DI Radio is currently schedule to be a bi-weekly broadcast, but the flexible nature of this medium allows us to adjust schedule as needed.

We’ll also be taking calls at some point during most of the shows.
Listeners with Skype, or other VOIP or working microphone on your computer, may be able to participate via on of these methods; more info on can be found here.

We’ll look forward to having you be a participant in, as well as a listener to DI Radio

Click to go to the DI Radio page

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