Our New DI Book Club: Fear and Courage In The Democratic Party

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the DI Book Club. We regularly receive books from publishers and on average they are good. But on occasion there are books that we’ve receive which merit wider recognition for their excellence. This is the reason that we decided to create the DI Book Club and it is exactly the reason that we’ve chosen author Glenn Hurowitz’s new book Fear and Courage in Democratic Party as our first selection.

The publisher of Capital Times describes the book this way:

“Just in time for election season, Fear and Courage in the Democratic Party published by Maisonneuve Press chronicles the extraordinary stories of five politicians and activists: three “progressive heroes” who exhibited rare political courage – and through it found unexpected political success, and two “spineless weasels” who embraced The Politics of Fear and rode it to ultimate failure.

The book reveals how Senator Paul Wellstone used his courage to overcome a quirky personality, an occasionally hysterical style and, most of all, an ideology considerably to the left of his constituents, eventually becoming a national hero.It tells the dramatic story of how the same foundations and corporations that engineered the right-wing takeover of the Republican Party used junk political science to move Democrats to the right as well. Hurowitz shows how the legacy of Bill Clinton, widely proclaimed his generation’s greatest political talent, will actually burden the Democratic Party and the progressive movement for decades to come.
A work of astounding insight, Fear and Courage in the Democratic Party promises to transform political discourse in 2008.”

Matt Stoller of OpenLeft.com calls Glenn, “a brilliant emerging star in the progressive movement.” We agree.

Glenn is scheduled to join us on DI Radio on Sunday, February 24th at 3PM EST for a conversation about the book. If you can get you copy at Amazon, Alibris or a bookstore near you. Join us in reading, supporting and discussing this insightful, honest and inspirational book.

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