DI Book Selection: The Political Brain by Drew Westen

Last month we launched the DI Book Club with Glenn Hurowitz’s book Fear and Courage in Democratic Party. This month we’ve chosen Drew Westin’s excellent book, The Political Brain.

Drew Westen is scheduled to join us on Sunday, March 23rd at 4PM EST on DI Radio for a conversation about the book.

While there have been some great political self-help books written to help Democrats and progressives understand why they lose races they should win, The Political Brain is the king of the hill, in my opinion. It literally examines the situation from the inside out.

Westen and his colleagues examined brain scans of how and to what people responded in matters of emotion and politics. Westen combines clinical research data with a dose of good ol’ commonsense to move beyond analysis to offer clear, plain-spoken solutions He demonstrates with straight-forwardness and wit how candidates can communicate progressive values more effectively and WIN!

Please accept this invitation to read the fantastic book. We also highly recommend the unabridged Blackstone Audio audiobook version which is read by actor Anthony Heald. You will NOT regret it!

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