Book Review: Moyers on Democracy

Publisher: Random House Audio

Looking for a voice of strength and clarity amongst progressives? Look no further than this incredible collection of Bill Moyers speeches.

Moyers on Democracy is a collection of spirit-rousing speeches from varied occasions. Three of these speeches are eulogies, but they are not the typical morose eulogy of which we might be used. They are stirring and challenging for those of us still here to measure ourselves.

If you only know the Bill Moyers from the PBS show, you need to get to know this one. The audiobook version is recommended, because it use the actual audio from Moyers’ speeches.

Moyers is a brilliant writer and an even more brilliant orator and passion-stirrer. The book includes two eulogies for Lady Bird Johnson and Barbara Jordon that are just emotionally powerful. Moyers also does indignation well here too. There’s a speech here that he gives to a seminary about the rightwing takeover of religion that is a real buttkicker, for lack of a better word.

His speech on the corporate takeover of journalism is like a cold dose of water in the face. But then he makes the turn towards why it matters that we fight for despite the odds. Moyers, like a wiley gospel minister, knows how to weave a sermon that informs and inspires you at the same time.

Moyers on Democracy is like a good shot of truth and hope at a time when we truly need both.
Click below to listen to an excerpt of Bill Moyers’ intro to the book

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