Monthly Archives: March 2009

Listen to Interview with Frank Partnoy

Frank Partnoy, author of “Fiasco”, explains how derivatives and the weakening of regulations helped to create the current economic mess. Of particular note is the role of Phil and Wendy Gramm, in this regard. Partnoy is a former derivatives seller who left the business years ago and now directs the securities law division at the… Continue Reading

Yes, Virginia. DI did get a makeover!

After 2 years, a makeover of DI was justifiable. The idea to make the front and second pages into one was something that was on the drawing board for quite some time. The idea to change out the picture of the statue was a more recent one. Also changed is the name of the blog/bulletin… Continue Reading

Review: The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule

Warning. This book will make you sick. Really sick, but having said that it is also a book that you must read or hear for yourself. The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule is the latest from What’s The Matter With Kansas’ author Thomas Frank. In Wrecking Crew, Frank exposes the hideous underbelly of the radical… Continue Reading