Where In The World Is Joe Biden?

Where In The World Is Joe Biden?

During the 2008 Presidential Election campaign, while most people were keeping up with the latest from the head of the Democratic ticket, I was regularly watching CSPAN coverage of the future VP Joe Biden’s speeches in rural parts of Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The man was amazing. His passion was evident and it was clear that he really connected emotionally with the audiences where he spoke. I’ll go further to say that I absolutely believe that Biden’s appearances on the trail helped Obama win voters in those areas.

So this leaves me wondering where is this administration hiding Joe Biden on this debt ceiling debate, among other issues ? I read today that he’s in backroom negotiations with Mitch McConnell. Yet, Biden should be lead attack dog on this issue, if you will, the bad cop to Obama’s good cop. Let him go a little rogue. Let him be the pitbull who goes out and gnaws on the ankles of Repubs who are gnawing on Obama’s ankles. Is this administration so afraid of what he might say that they’ve effectively muzzled him?

Allowing Republicans to control the message without a STRONG and consistent voice from the administration, has had a tremendously corrosive effect on public opinion of the efforts to dig the country out of the hole that confronts us.

Yeah, Biden is guilty of gaffes and wearing his heart on his sleeve, like the moment when he exhorted, “This is a big f*cking deal!” within mic range after President Obama signed healthcare legislation. But it was a real moment and REAL connects with most people.

Given Obama’s self-acknowledged tendency to come off as too “professorial”, a little grit and rawness from this administration is truly needed, especially now.

Free Joe Biden.

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