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AL GOP Gov. Denies Soldier’s Request For State Flag

AL GOP Gov. Denies Soldier’s Request For State Flag

Newly minted Alabama Governor Robert Bentley denied the request of an Afghanistan-based US soldier from Alabama for a state flag that could be flown over his camp. Bentley’s office said that “the governor’s office does give state flags to the next of kin of Alabamians who die while serving in the U.S. armed forces, but cannot afford to give flags to other people.”

In the face of the bad PR, the Governor’s office reversed course and will now send the flag.

Read the full story here.

Brad Friedman: The final death of the Fairness Doctrine

Remember the Fairness Doctrine? It has met its final resting place.  The first to ensure it’s death was dear old Ronald Reagan.  He smothered it with a pillow.  Now, the president who we thought might breathe some life back into it has decided instead, to put the final nail in its coffin.  Farewell Fairness Doctrine….… Continue Reading

Wall Street’s Pre-Bailout Bailout

Wall Street’s Pre-Bailout Bailout

Remember the 2008 Wall Street bailout?  Poor Wall Street–if the hard working American tax payers didn’t give it billions in loans, it would have tumbled to the ground bringing us all down with it.  Doom!  Gloom!  End times!  But ….why did Wall Street need a bailout when, according to, it, and others, were already… Continue Reading

Let Them Eat Koch

Despite Warren Buffet’s plea to tax him more and others who hold similar mass fortunes, the drumbeat of the uber greedy “woe is me” continues via the now infamous Koch Brothers. Charles Koch inherited his mass fortune from his family business which started amassing its wealth working for Josef Stalin’s regime of terror.  Warren Buffet… Continue Reading

Teapubber Who Voted for The Debt Ceiling Deal Is Flogged For Her Sin

As bad as the recent debt limit blackmail deal was, for the hosts of this talk show it wasn’t enough to allow teapubber Congresswoman Renee Elmers off the hook, despite her explanation for voting the agreement out of concern about how default might adversely affect her constituency. Listen to the pounding she takes for trying… Continue Reading

U.S. Economy – Like a Bad Joke

U.S. Economy – Like a Bad Joke

So a Corporation and an American Working Man are sitting in a bar. The Working Man asks the Corporation “Are you hiring? I’m looking for work.” The corporation replies, “As soon as demand picks up we’ll start look for new workers.” The Working Man says, “But demand can’t pick up until people have jobs, and… Continue Reading

Jobless In America

On Point, a Boston-based national talk program, aired on many NPR stations, is one of the best in the U.S. They aired a program this week on the toll that unemployment takes on a country and on individuals, by including two people who are currently unemployed in the conversation. It’s really worth hearing. Click here… Continue Reading

“Apes Alone Weak. Apes Together Strong.”

Rise of The Planet of The Apes is a thoroughly entertaining movie. Not to offer a long-winded review, but the film is a totally fresh take on the concept that is unlike any of the previous entries in the franchise. Its origins this time are a fictional Big Pharma facility which uses, and more often,… Continue Reading