W.R. Pitt: Dick Cheney’s Crimes

W.R. Pitt: Dick Cheney’s Crimes

William Rivers Pitt makes the ultimate case for why Dick Cheney should be prosecuted, while at the same time, explaining why that will likely never happen.  The current administration will not consider it and if a future administration might, how much longer can this old, sickly man with no functioning heart live?

The argument has been made that the reason why Cheney is so defiant about not having committed crimes when he and others in the Bush administration clearly have, is because he knows he’s guilty and might be feeling the pressure to defend himself before he dies via his book.  Another argument is that he’s a sociopath and really doesn’t see anything wrong with what he and others did or gave orders to do.  Finally, it has also been said that Dick Cheney really loves this country more than anything and every decision he made was ultimately to protect the U.S., our way of live, and our people.  One thing is clear, he is a very through-provoking person, whether you like him, hate him or worse….And, one thing is very clear to me, and that is letting Cheney off the hook for his many criminal acts is a crime in and of itself and another mark of shame on American history.

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