Koch and Friends aka The Real Enemies List

Koch and Friends aka The Real Enemies List

Gavin Aronsen takes us through what we should all consider to be America’s real enemies list.

The billionaire trust-funders David and Charles Koch, also referred to as the Koch Brothers, have an annual meeting that usually takes place under the cloak of secrecy. They invite their BFFs and those who share their very un-American philosophies where, together, they plot and plan how to further kill that ideal system once known as “democracy” with its quaint ideas of fairness, justice and equality.

Koch and friends are furiously working on their plans to create a society in which only they can reap financial and other rewards and the rest of us, about 98% of the U.S. population, better just keep quiet and do as they say.  Don’t try to crash or protest their secret meeting or they will make sure their private “police force of thugs” will put you in your place by any means they deem necessary.  Don’t be silly and recall their strategically placed governors, like the now infamous Scott Walker of Wisconsin, or they will just plant another dozen or so of them for their strategic use to eliminate collective bargaining and voting rights.  See, those are the very things that get in the Koch brothers way.  After all, their ancestors did learn from the best of them: Josef Stalin himself.  Sometimes I wonder if part of their motivation to destroy what has so far been the world’s best attempt at democracy, is in gratitude to Josef Stalin for giving their family its industrial wealth beginnings. When Koch Industries first started out, they couldn’t get any contract work from anywhere else but Stalinist Russia.  Maybe this is just Charles and David’s way of saying thank you and paying homage to one of the worst dictators the world has ever known–but who gave their family’s vast wealth and fortune its very beginnings.

But, wouldn’t you know it–one of their secrets has been let out of the bag: their precious list of friends.  This list is now in the hands of the “common person”–you and me!   Your job is to study the list and know thy enemy!

Read the entire article, including the Koch friend list and other important details by Gavin Aronsen for MotherJones here:  http://motherjones.com/mojo/2011/09/koch-brothers-million-dollar-donor-club

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