Will President Obama forgive again?

Will President Obama forgive again?

Look away, look away (by Bett and Kare)

There’s no punishment for the henious crimes, no shame for the stolen millions in bundled sub-primes

The president may forgive again, just like he did when he began

He let Bush and Co. slither back under the rock, despite all the war crimes and legal claims talk

Look away, look away said the Pres, we have important work to do!

You and I are sentenced for the bread we take, we are shackled and fined and must serve our time

But, if your crime is so big and complicated that it crashes an economy and deflates every homestead

Then you can bank on a smooth deal instead

Give us a little of what you got says the Pres, and we will look away, look away

After all, you are the 1%, and you control all the rent

You are too big to fail, too powerful not to prevail

That’s OK, we have important work to do!

Look away, look away.


George Zornick, writing for The Nation, warns us of the possibilities of the Obama Administration giving the banks a pass on the foreclosure fraud disasters.


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