What’s so funny about Super PACs?

What’s so funny about Super PACs?

Dan Clickman, Executive Director Congressional Programs, Aspen Institute; Senior Fellow, Bipartisan Policy Center, shares his thoughts, insights and some incredible facts regarding  Super PACs and their influence on the 2012 elections cycle in which, according to Mr. Clickman, $33 million has been reported in expenditures so far.  How much more money is going to be infused into this election?  This is the most unhealthy turn our Democracy could have taken….and it’s only the beginning.  The full effects of this “virus” has not been felt yet.  We need to find the vaccine for this killer disease and NOW.

To quote Mr. Clickman, “Super PACs only serve to enrich broadcasters and worse, relentlessly assault Americans with negativity and the ugly side of politics. Public confidence in government is at record lows and unlimited Super PAC expenditures on campaigns further erode Americans’ belief in the effectiveness of their democracy. We need to restore Americans’ belief that their government can work together to find solutions to overcome the obstacles confronting the nation.”

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