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Republican Debate Review

The Republicans sure have the right symbol with the elephant. Republican debates are nothing but elephants in the room. The biggest of which must be: to someone out there who’s hurting, they spend the whole two hours yammering away about earmarks and illegal immigrants and contraception and every other peripheral, wish-I-had-the-time-to-worry-about-it issue they can think… Continue Reading

TV: A Box Full of Good Memories

On the inevitable occasion of the Huffington Post’s entrée into television, it behooves me to say a few words about the business, and occasional art, of television. Because if HuffPost’s getting into TV, really, how much longer before Arianna takes that over and I’m working for her full-time? Five years? Ten years? I feel like… Continue Reading

On Being Over 50

I almost cried the other night when Arianna mentioned that HuffPost was launching Huff/Post50, and did I have any thoughts about being over 50… Any? Unfortunately, I have nothing but thoughts about being over 50. I remember seeing Alan King in Atlantic City in the ’80s (when I was a young comedian) and he said,… Continue Reading

The Three Wings of the Republican Party

Why Washington is Talking about Deficits While the Rest of the Country is Talking About Jobs and the Shrinking Middle Class Today’s Republican Party has three wings: the psychiatric wing, the corporate wing, and the Democrats. The first wing, the psychiatric wing, is defined by severe psychological and intellectual impairments, exemplified by the inability to… Continue Reading

Gun Violence and the Lessons of Tucson: Will the Chambers Once Again Be Loaded Against the American People?

Like many people who have come forward to speak or write about the Tucson massacre, I know and adore Gabby Giffords. It is virtually impossible not to adore her. She has a presence and graciousness that light up a room. That she survived a shot from a semi-automatic at close range is remarkable. Yet the… Continue Reading

Could We Have Predicted What Happened Last Tuesday?

Watching the Sunday morning talk shows and the president’s various appearances since his “shellacking” on Tuesday, what was clear is that the Republicans and the president seem to have learned the same thing from both this election and from their respective years in power, which country singer Brad Paisley has summed up in song: “Some… Continue Reading

Bringing Up Boehner

According to news reports, today Republican minority leader and Coppertone model John Boehner will give his “closing argument” to the American people on why they should throw out the Democrats and kill the Obama-Pelosi-Reid “job-killing agenda.” He will be returning to his working class roots, speaking at a piping manufacturing plant, an unusual venue these… Continue Reading