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Black Cop Shot 28 Times by White Cops Charged With Attempted Murder. Really.

An incredible – and grossly under-reported – story out of Chicago, where Howard Morgan, a black 60-year-old former police officer working railroad security, was stopped for an alleged traffic violation, shot 28 times (21 in the back) by four white former colleagues, and inexplicably survived, only to be charged – and tried twice by a… Continue Reading

RNC Convention: No Masks or Rope, Bring On the Guns

Banned in Tampa Go Figure Dept: Hoping to fend off wild-eyed anarchists and other unruly types, Tampa officials prepping for this summer’s Republican convention want to set up a “clean zone” where protesters will be forbidden to wield water or air pistols, plastic or metal pipe, or wood longer than a ruler – but guns,… Continue Reading

Buying Night Tables and Downloading Chris Brown While Homs Burns

The Guardian got a cache of private emails, apparently from Syria opposition activists, showing that while Bashar al-Assad’s government was slaughtering civilians, blowing up makeshift hospitals and displacing an estimated quarter of a million people, he and especially his wife Asma were busy buying stuff online. She: hundreds of thousands of dollars of handmade furniture,… Continue Reading

Shooting To Kill, But Not Really, Though Sort Of

Pennsylvania park ranger Randy Gregg has designed a replica hunting rifle that’s a digital camera, complete with crosshairs in scope, wherein you pull the trigger and take a picture. Called either KillShot or Harmless Hunter – the name seems to be in flux – he says it’s a great way to teach hunting safety and… Continue Reading

In the Middle of the Bank, Our House

As a prologue to a March 15 action against bank foreclosures, a crew of Occupiers moved into a Bank of America lobby carting their couch, coffee table and potted plant. More.   “Bank of America took our homes, so we thought we’d move in here.” Source Article from Continue Reading

Obama’s Still Muslim

A new survey of southern Republicans from Public Policy Polling finds that about half – 45% in Alabama, 52% in Mississippi – still believe Obama is a Muslim.  A majority do not believe in evolution. And about a quarter – 21% in Alabama, 29% in Mississippi – think interracial marriage should be illegal. Oy: Wake… Continue Reading

NYPD: Making the Crime Numbers Look Good, Seemingly At Any Cost

The incredible story of Adrian Schoolcraft, an NYPD officer in the 81st Precinct who after whistleblowing on corruption and under-reporting of serious crimes was, for his trouble, taken in handcuffs to a psychiatric ward, served with administrative charges and suspended without pay for two years, during which time the NYPD was, in fact, sitting on… Continue Reading

Kucinich Blasts Targeted Killings, Says Defeat "Has Never Had Power Over Me"

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich has blasted targeted killings by the U.S. as a chilling “assault on the Constitution.” Having just lost a brutal primary battle, he says he’s not sure what he’ll do next but is feeling peaceful and open to “whatever possibilities are out there.” More on what one admirer calls “the conscience of… Continue Reading