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Million Dollar Gifts Accounted for Half of Super PACs’ Money in 2011

Got a million bucks lying around? How about 100 grand? If so, you’re in good company…of the 714 super PAC donors in 2011, who gave an average of $88,000 to the nine biggest non-campaign organizations supporting (or, in many cases, opposing) candidates for president in 2012. With total outside spending on elections now in excess of $100 million and super PACs outspending the official campaigns by as much as 2:1, these 714 donors (who are mostly rich individuals) have already had a major impact on the election this year. What kind of influence do you think they’ll wield in the next administration?




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“Thanks to Citizens United, My Money Can Speak For Me”

The Colbert Report has won a second Peabody Award, thanks to “its deadpan anchor’s ‘Super PAC’ segments lampooning the rise of megabucks politics,” according to the Peabody Committee. “What an honor! I am truly speechless. Luckily, thanks to Citizens United, my money can speak for me,” said Colbert. In classic Colbert fashion, the fake news… Continue Reading

U.S. Flunks Corruption Index’s Money In Politics Test

What do Germany, Colombia, Ireland, Mexico, Georgia, Indonesia, Macedonia, and Serbia have in common? According to the nonprofit global governance watchdog Global Integrity, they all beat out the United States on regulating money in politics. The United States tied with Tajikistan scoring 29 out of a 100-point scale measuring the effectiveness of legislation regulating individual… Continue Reading

The Long Shadow of the Super PAC

The rise of the super PAC has been one of the defining trends of the 2012 election. These non-campaign organizations which, thanks in part to the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, can raise and spend unlimited amounts influencing elections have had a staggering impact on how candidates and campaigns get their messages to voters.… Continue Reading

Obama Super PAC Has Trouble Raising Funds

Vice President Joe Biden warned donors about the might of Republican-aligned super PACs. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons Last month, President Obama made the controversial decision to embrace the super PAC dedicated to getting him reelected. But that doesn’t mean that his super PAC, Priorities USA Action, is anywhere close to as successfully fundraising as those… Continue Reading

Occupiers Protest in Support of Libertarian Think Tank

Protesters outside Koch Industries’ D.C. lobbying headquarters. Today, United Republic and Republic Report were joined by a passionate group of activists outside Koch Industries’ downtown Washington lobbying headquarters to criticize the petrochemical billionaire Koch brothers’ attempt to take over the Cato Institute. Cato has a long history of fierce libertarian beliefs, widening the debate in… Continue Reading

What Can 69 Percent of Americans Agree On?

Most Americans think super PACs should be illegal. Graph via The Washington Post A new poll finds that the majority of all Americans and registered voters alike say super PACs, the non-campaign organizations that can raise and spend unlimited amounts influencing elections, should be illegal. Not only did 69 percent of those polled say that… Continue Reading

BP Profits Off of D.C. Influence Peddling

Following the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that began in April 2010, a group of senators attempted to change the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, which holds an oil company involved in a spill responsible for only $75 million in economic damages. When the scale of the Gulf spill was shown to… Continue Reading