Stop Backdoor Bribery in Congress

When lawmakers retire, many go on to become lobbyists. Last week, our blog, Republic Report, showed that lawmakers-turned-lobbyists received up to a 1,452 percent raise on average after they take the revolving door to K Street. This issue deserves more emphasis and urgency. Members of Congress secretly manipulate laws we all must live under, and then they receive lavish rewards, like these high-paying jobs. This is Backdoor Bribery.

This week we sent a letter to the 35 members of Congress who have already announced that they are retiring this year, asking them to at a minimum disclose to the public if they are currently negotiating with a private interest for a future job. They should make such discussions available on their congressional website, if they are still writing the laws we live under.

Read more about our campaign at Republic Report.

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